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Get More ROI

As part of our continuous effort to bring operational efficiencies and to get more ROI to our customers business operations. Aliter teams keep building functionalities in the ERP and Extended Evolve Systems. Below is a list of released and to be released functionality available for our customers. 

Ways To Get More ROI

QAD Extended Functionality Release:

 Audit Trail Tracking :

Using QAD Adaptive Kafka Services. Track changes to any Business Components, Data Fields without incurring additional Storage Costs and performance compromise. This is only available for QAD Adaptive Customers. 

Proof of Delivery Module :

Proof of Delivery Module for Mahindra, TAFE, TATA, Maruti. Business requirement, when Material is received at customer site, a GIRR or POD is provided to the Transporter, which the transporter return back to us. Some end customers also upload these POD’s on their Portal Site. The POD Module addresses all the possible scenarios and can either record Manual POD or Auto Download from End Customer Portal and Upload into the ERP.

RetroBilling (Price Amendments) Extension :

Currently in QAD, when we run Retro-bill process, the Day-book for the Debit Note is same as the DayBook for the Original Invoice. India GST recommends that Invoice Series for Price Amendments, also known as Debit Notes, should be separate. These dont need an E way Bill and should always be linked to the Original Invoice, at-least in case of TATA and Mahindra, as they want Price Amendments Invoice Wise. Retrobilling Extension, now allows you to define Debit Note Day-books by Customer and also integrates it with Proof of Delivery Module, to create Retrobills only for Accepted Quantity and not Invoiced Quantity.

Supplier Payment, Reverse Bank File Integration :

for HSBC, HDFC, Standard Chartered, Axis Bank : Many customers use QAD Banking Process for Integration with Finance and some use custom Menus. In either case, once the payment is done by the Bank, the bank provides a Reverse File with the UTR Number for each Supplier Payment. This needs to be recorded in the system. Reverse Bank File Integration is now part of Aliter QAD Extensions. Supplier Remittance can now print the UTR Number, and also GL View Extended and Bank Report include the UTR Number for the Bank Account.

For QAD Adaptive Customers, new Action centers have been introduced. These include Purchase Analysis with inbuilt 8+ KPI Visualizations, Sales Analysis, Sales Margin, OTIF Analysis. These have been customized as per India requirements. This is only available to QAD Adaptive Customers. 

For functionality introduced in Adaptive, customers needs to be on QAD 2022 and above Adaptive Version. Even if you are not using the WebUI, but are on the Adaptive Version, you can implement these functionalities. It also increase you adoption of QAD WebUI to get more ROI.

At Aliter, we’re not just shaping the future – we’re redefining what’s possible. Join us on this journey towards a more efficient, sustainable, and prosperous tomorrow.

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