Evolve Automation Platform

Evolve automation platform was been developed and it has a wide spectrum of features which include the flexibility of choosing customizations based on your business needs.

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Evolve Automation Platform

ERP Consulting

An ERP is a large-scale software that optimizes the processes of an organization by providing a system of integrated and centralized applications that help manage and automate a wide range of business operations

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ERP Consulting

IoT Innovations

This system allows the picker to focus on their task and reduces the time spent looking for items. Another solution is to use a handheld scanner. This scanner can be used to quickly and accurately locate items.

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IoT Innovations

Cloud Services

Cloud consulting services fulfill various responsibilities to shift or upgrade the existing organization to the Cloud. Cloud consulting companies likely spend time communicating with organizations and researching cloud services that must be implemented.

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Cloud Services

Welcome to Aliter Solutions

Aliter Business Solutions has seen immense growth from its inception in the year back in 2017 to date when it has become a trusted name in the automation industry.

We help businesses by providing them simple and effective solutions that help make their processing more efficient and competent. Our team of highly motivated experts have helped customers belonging to a plethora of different verticals by delivering innovative and customised solutions to suit their business models.

Our company which started as a small business with 4 people working together in a Mumbai based home office has now expanded into a multi-layered team of over 80+ employees in multiple offices around the country. In a span of 5 years, we have managed to branch out to other cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune and plan to expand this horizon to other cities in the coming future.

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Why Choose Us

Aliter is one of the few Industry 4.0 companies in the country that is systemically trying to transform various production and manufacturing units through value creation and optimization.

Why Choose Us Why Choose Us Why Choose Us Why Choose Us

Over 500 Consultants

Work with over 500 ERP consultants with an average of 13 years of experience.

Gain a trusted partner

For your ERP project with proactive planning and deployment services.

Improve operational efficiency

By getting the most out of your ERP with consulting that supports your business objectives.

Enjoy cost-effective services

With fixed-bid proposals that eliminate overruns.

Flagship Services

We at Aliter Solutions offer an array of flagship services, all custom made to suit your requirements. Customer satisfaction lies at the core of our beliefs and that is dictated by many elements like a thought through strategy, rich industry experience, skilled executors and a solid persistent attitude. When you opt for our flagship services, rest assured to get the best combination of all these and accelerate your business towards success.

Application Support & Maintenance Services

Aliter provides on-demand application support to ensure your software isn’t just operational but running efficiently at all times, which includes finding issues and resolving them before they become problems. We also work to protect your business from unplanned outages and create a disaster recovery strategy to mitigate data loss and downtime.

Evolve Automation Platform for smart manufacturing

Aliter provides smart manufacturing via data, cyber security, Implementation of IIoT, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Robotics, and digitalization. Implementation of Smart manufacturing systems can be personalized-product-based manufacturing process automation or networked self-organizing manufacturing system automation.

RPA Products for Automating Repetitive Task

Aliter’s dedicated Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service combines your present human workforce with digitally deployed software robots designed to securely manage your complex infrastructure, jobs, and operations. With Aliter’s RPA services, numerous industries are intelligently turning chances into scalable success, from financial services to healthcare.

ERP Implementations and Upgrades

Our ERP implementation varies in scope as per the nature of an organization and adheres to best practices. We offer global support, resources, and in-depth training. Aliter also develops a strong plan and continues reviewing and optimizing your business processes after your initial ERP implementation.

IoT Innovations

Aliter shapes your organization and its processes via IoT Innovation. Aliter provides technologies developed to directly or indirectly address the Internet of Things. Aliter’s IoT innovations open new avenues across industries from healthcare and retail to automobile and manufacturing.

Hardware Services, Maintenance and Support

Aliter provides basic installation, contract maintenance, on-site per-incident repair, and warranty support. Aliter enables high-level segmentation for computing and telecom hardware products.

Our 4 Pillars

Aliter proudly stands on the four pillars of the latest technology and Industry 4.0 that enable organizations to attain the maximum potential and outcome necessary for success in this modern age.

ERP Consulting

$10.99 //m
  • QAD Adaptive ERP
  • Upgrades
  • Customizations
  • Net New Implementations


$13.399 //m
  • Evolve Automation Platform
  • Dashboard and Data Analytics


$13.399 //m
  • IoT Konnect Gateway
  • Pick-to-light
  • Put-to-light
  • Energy Monitoring

Cloud Service

$15.99 //m
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Infrastructure as Service

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