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Aliter Barcode and QR offers a comprehensive solution with its Business QR Code, simplifying digital engagement for businesses.

This innovative tool creates a succinct business page accessible through QR codes, featuring customizable CTAs directing users to specific content. Displaying essential business details such as operating hours, contact information, and social media links, it ensures seamless communication. With automatic optimization for mobile and customizable branding options, businesses can convey their unique identity effectively. Whether it's showcasing amenities, featuring a logo display, or linking to Google Maps for location convenience.

Aliter Barcode and QR empowers businesses to enhance customer engagement effortlessly.

Tailored Business Page

A Business QR Code creates a concise, mobile-friendly page with customizable call-to-action buttons.

Comprehensive Information

Displayed details include headline, description, image, operating hours, contact info, social links, location, and amenities.

Brand Customization

Customize both QR Code and page with logos, colors, and CTAs to match your brand.

Versatile Design

QR Codes seamlessly integrate into various designs, accommodating different sizes and formats.

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