Robotic Arms

One of the most common robots used in the manufacturing world is the robotic arm. This industrial marvel works just like the human arm except it is much faster and accurate. Like the human arm, it has six degrees of freedom that allow it to move in six different ways just like a human arm. It can rotate in various angles and directions as required to get the job done and in many cases are programmed to do customized jobs. As a result of their easy acquisition and better built, they are easily accessible to multiple businesses throughout the world without them having to drain out their cash reserves for the same. Today, robotic arms are used in multiple industrial applications like material handling, welding, drilling, painting, servicing nuclear power stations, servicing powerlines, assembly, pick and drop service inside factories as well as cleaning radioactive wastes and material. Using the technological advancements, these arms are able to work for 24 hours without anybreaks or threat of breaking down, unlike the human counter parts. This makes it an extremely low-cost option and can help save a lot of labour cost over a period of time and this makes it a good capital investment. They are also extremely efficient and trained to do the same job in the same fashion repetitively. This has made them extremely popular especially in the above-mentioned industries that require a higher level of precision.

Though these robotic arms might need monitory and repair in case of technical glitch, all the issues can be resolved remotely without human intervention. Some of the major advantages that have been noticed are:

Lower upfront costs: the costs involved are on pay per use basis and have to be settled on a monthly or annual basis.

Structured option for smaller companies facing liquidity crunch.

No need for hardware upkeep and maintenance as the service provider would be responsible for the same.

Latest upgrades and technological updates are proactively provided by the service providers without asking for it.

Minimal risk and considerably lower investment.

Allow your organization to operate at full potential.

Aliter helps build customized robotics arms as per specific requirements of the company and help connect them to the Evolve system which can help you identify discrepancies if any and fix them to improve the overall efficiency of your processes.

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