Managing important assets and services is crucial to every business. Organizations have always faced the problem of locating critical assets and even when they did manage to track them, it was always extremely time consuming and led to expensive delays. Moreover, when an outside party or employee entered the unit, there was a scare of unauthorized entry and access as their movement could not be constantly traced by the security. Traditionally, these problems were tried to be met by using spreadsheets, barcode devices and serial numbers. However, the time involved in the said process was also significantly high.

In such a scenario, Radio Frequency Identification has proven to be a coming of age- revolutionary product that has hugely streamlined various processes and reduced manpower involvement at various levels. RFID is just like a GPS tracking system but has a relatively shorter but more dettail-oriented range. It can enable detecting location of any asset or human being, from area to area and thus give the exact location of the asset in question. RFID has also proven to be an extremely cost efficient and time efficient option for organizations.

RFID has a relatively shorter range and hence for such functional requirements, industries can use Bluetooth device tracker. It serves the same work functions as an RFID device except it helps serve tracking purposes of larger scale manufacturing units. Just like RFID, it has minimized the risk attached to constantly updating the system with possible changes, reduced the resources involved in updating the position of assets and even served as a cost-effective measure. It helps maintain an efficient and economical flow of events right from the time when the asset enters the manufacturing unit. Some of the major advantages are:

Rampantly simplifies and automates the process of picking and placing materials.

Expedites and streamlines the process of inter-site transfer of materials.

Reduces time and effort required in training new users.

Easy to integrate with current ERP or WMS software.

Easy to integrate with current ERP or WMS software.

Aliter has helped multiple businesses resolve location and detection specific issues and provided customized RFID solutions that can help maintain security of assets, avoid loss of data and loss of strategies.

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