Aliter’s partnership with QAD is a fresh wave of technological boon for Indian manufacturing businesses

13 Sep, 2020 | Posted by: Aliter

QAD is a renowned name in the index of adaptive, cloud-based enterprise software and services for global manufacturing companies. Today, there are many conglomerates, whom QAD calls as Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises, driving swift innovation, altering consumer preferences, and thriving in highly competitive environments. Their operations are spread on a global scale thus they need systems that can enable them to respond to these changes with agility and efficiency.

QAD developed solutions that are versatile enough to aid organizations to thrive in such a dynamic environment and adaptable across various industries. Hence Aliter Business Solutions has partnered with QAD to sell its ERP solutions and join hands with the Indian manufacturing industry. Aliter is highly penetrated in various industries like automotive, life sciences, consumer products, high tech, manufacturing, food, and beverage. This partnership will help QAD in establishing varied clientele and give them a wider reach in the Indian market. Based on Aliter’s experience and insights of the local market, QAD can offer the relevant solutions to the Indian customers. This partnership was propelled by Aliter’s business outcomes-focused engagement model which amalgamates harmoniously with QAD’s globally trusted business products, both eventually aiming at assisting companies in realizing bottom-line goals through technological solutions.

The manufacturing industry is prone to frequent disruptions due to its multi-faceted functions, numerous players, continuous technological innovation, and changing consumer needs. It is a sector on which there is a high dependency of many complementary businesses. Thus, it needs to be operated with agility especially if the players want to expand their business. Once the business scales higher, it needs robust system infrastructure to handle the high volume and multiple integrations across the globe. Every process has to be compatible and efficient enough to deliver outcomes that are in tandem with customer satisfaction and the company’s strategic vision.

To modernize the business process, Aliter along with QAD can implement hassle-free integrations of any kind of IT environment, whether on-premise or cloud. The medley of QAD Adaptive Application suite of adaptive business applications solutions coupled with the expertise of Aliter in the Indian manufacturing industry is the manufacturer’s need of the hour. It comes with the following benefits for customers to revel in:

  • It helps in identifying industry developments and moulds the processes and systems as per them to respond quickly.
  • It comes with 24*7 support in multiple languages.
  • Blends flawlessly with existing systems.
  • Centralized data
  • Transparency of operations across the globe
  • Uniform systems and processes
  • Integrates various aspects of business like financials, customer management, business process management, supply chain, manufacturing, and analytics
  • Can integrate multiple systems and applications.

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