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Pick To Light System

Aliter has been prominent today as organizations are investing a great deal in ensuring efficient utilization of the warehouse space for ensuring adequate storage and smooth flow of inventory inwarding and outwarding. However, one of the key tasks of picking material still remains manual to an extent which makes the daily operations tedious and challenging. In the warehouse, manually inspecting different racks each time and picking items takes up a lot of time and causes unnecessary delay in order fulfillment. This becomes even more challenging when the demand is in peak season. Also, when new employees are onboarded, training them about the placement of items and different racks now and then is impractical with other day to day tasks, especially when warehouses are gigantic. It may also result in inaccurate material being picked with it being prone to damage. To reformulate the picking process, a new system has been adopted by some organizations called Pick to Light.
Aliter has been prominent in developing such state-of-the-art solutions and thus, we have our Pick to light System which can automate your picking process.

This system is equipped with IoT devices that are attached against each inventory rack in your warehouse. The picking and placing processes are automated simply by initiating the required requests. The system reads these requests and triggers the alarm of the desired racks. This way you can directly move the inventory to the empty rack within seconds. On the contrary, if you need to search for a particular inventory that is already stored in the warehouse, this device will let you know where that material is placed. All that you need to do is enter the required material number in the Evolve system and the devices on every rack which has that material will start buzzing. Thus, this adds agility to your floor operations and eliminates the manual maintenance of lists and print outs for inventory collection. Further, if you want to make your entire warehouse management even more efficient and redefine its operations, Aliter’s WMS can do it for you by diving deep into each detail, ensuring automation and complete transparency and reduced costs.

Rampantly simplifies and automates the process of picking and placing materials.

Expedites and streamlines the process of inter-site transfer of materials.

Reduces time and effort required in training new users.

Easy to integrate with current ERP or WMS software.

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