A partnership for the future of global manufacturing businesses

13 Sep, 2020 | Posted by: Aliter

Aliter joins hand with Microsoft Azure for cloud services.

Several organizations are currently hosting their applications on-premise. However, with the latest trend of digital transformation being a core strategic move of many organizations, moving on to cloud hosting is an integral part of the digital transformation journey. However, this transition needs to be planned and managed efficiently as organizations spread globally have multiple data points, applications, and processes which impact financial planning, inventory, and sales, which need to be migrated as it is to the cloud without any discrepancies and in a way that they can be customized as per regional requirements.

Aliter ensure a hassle-free transition if your organization is planning to migrate to cloud computing to meet its business goals. Aliter has partnered with Microsoft as a reseller of Azure cloud services. By aligning with Aliter, seamless integration of cloud services with your current systems is assured. Based on your actual business, Aliter offers/suggests a cloud plan where your organization fits in. Partnership with Azure opens a plethora of opportunities to interact and maintain multiple business relationships.

Why do industrial applications need to be hosted on cloud?

The manufacturing industry is a highly dynamic industry with continuous innovation being driven by technology, governmental support, and customer needs. The market trends keep changing frequently as it is determined by changing customer needs and preferences. It is imperative for players in the industry to be ready to respond and adapt to market changes and demands.

Aliter’s cloud hosting helps organizations pivot their processes and strategies as per the market trends efficiently and achieve great outcomes, at any scale of the business. Following points highlight how it can help manufacturers:

  • It helps in achieving customer delight by optimizing field service level. It connects field service processes thus executing and resolving customer service issues proactively which also helps in gaining customer trust and loyalty.
  • It also helps in identifying situations where the physical presence of a technician is required and only then sends them on-site. This helps in saving costs and enhancing operational efficiencies.
  • Machine maintenance and downtime are the key hindrances in production. Azure helps in implementing a predictive maintenance process which will help the user in predicting situations like time of machine failure, probability of failure in a certain time period, cause of a failure, equipment with the highest risk of failure, area of maintenance, etc. Thus, you can be prepared with the required action prior to the situation occurrence.
  • Azure also comes equipped with a featured of connected factory which helps in integrating machines on the factory floor to the cloud, thus enabling remote monitoring of industrial equipments.

Aliter cloud services have a host of benefits that help in improving business processes as a whole. Following are some specific benefits which you can harness by the implementation of Aliter Azure cloud services:

  • Customization as per business requirements.
  • Process Efficiency
  • Uniformity
  • Connectivity and scalability
  • Cost-effective
  • Security
  • Adherence to legal compliance.

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