We all know about the Industrial revolution but did you know about the three others that followed? Let us walk you through eachThe year is 1760 people all over the world are rejoicing with the benefits of the industrial revolution generating jobs all over and taking the society forward.The end of the first industrial revolution punctuated the beginning of the second industrial revolution marked by mass production. The second industrial revolution brought about technological advancements lacking in the First Industrial Revolution.The introduction of computers ushered a new age and with it brought about the third industrial revolution. Computers provided a huge boost to the techniques enabling efficient mass production.Fast forward to the current age where we at the brink of the fourth industrial revolution also known as Industry 4.0. It avails of the latest technology to improve the existing legacy systems. It utilizes IOT to aide machines communicate with each other and generate analysis available throughout the enterprise. It makes use of automation to ensure better efficiency and lesser errors. Improves the security of the systems. It also helps predict market behavior and stay ahead of the game.Industry 4.0 is nothing short of magic and is bringing forth a digital reality that will alter the rules of mass production, operation, workforce and even the society as a whole. The societal impacts of industry 4.0 are tremendous by enhancing the human capabilities.Despite all these benefits many companies are yet apprehensive which is similar to possessing a super power and yet refusing to use it. Industry 4.0 improves the agility of the enterprise makes it more flexible and more prepared. It is a opportunity to get a lead on the ferocious competition. Always remember the worst enemy to creativity is doubt.It is no more a question of, if you should use industry 4.0 it is a question of when you should use it and the answer is now while leaving the how to us. Click on contact us to get in touch with us.