The automotive industry as a whole has various touchpoints with manufacturing being one of the cores and the most significant one. Being a crucial pillar makes it inevitable to streamline processes especially when they are undertaken on a large scale. As this industry has been witnessing an increasing trend in the last decade, it is becoming highly competitive with organizations constantly innovating their manufacturing processes. Aliter brings to you the perfect software solution to address and rationalize all your business processes while being cost effective. It turns around your supply chain strategy by implementing lean manufacturing which will result in waste reduction, increased efficacy in planning, and improved lead time by creating a powerful material logistics system. Additionally, it also automates your frontline operations with shop-floor automation and workforce management. It also comes with the functionality of holding detailed quality capabilities which shall ensure your standard quality requirements are maintained. With this multi-faceted software consolidating various segregated functions into one, it will undoubtedly result in a highly efficient and flexible business process.

Consumer Products

The world scenario is undergoing a paradigm shift. There is a notable shift in consumer purchase patterns and preferences as impulsive purchase to fulfil short term needs dominates the demand trend. This shift coupled with disruptions in the operational activities like supply chain and stiff margins has made it imperative for consumer product organizations to adopt digital innovations with agility, to achieve their desired visibility on the shelves and continue scooping more share in the pie of the market. To make this radically complex transition seamless, manufacturers can introduce Aliter’s automation solutions in their organization. It interlaces several business functions and brings them under one platform. This ensures that the digital transformation redefines the entire product life cycle, from the production floor to shop floor, and optimizes the entire chain in between which includes product innovation, sales & service, and marketing.

Food & Beverages

As the world is fighting against a pandemic with complete lockdown being implemented and social distancing to be maintained, food and beverage businesses have been entirely disrupted and are facing insurmountable losses. The Covid-19 scenario has resulted in a paradigm shift in consumer preferences, taste, purchase patterns and overall expectations in terms of service and manufacturers need to focus and respond to this changing consumer behaviour. To add to this complexity, even compliances and regulatory norms pertaining to food safety, quality & environment have become more stringent and supply chains are disturbed. However, despite all the hurdles, manufacturers with a true entrepreneurial spirit can deal with this turbulence by pivoting to alternative methods of conducting business with great agility. This is where Aliter steps into the manufacturer’s rescue with its experience, efficient consulting and smart products which come packed with a bunch of features and benefits. With our software solutions, one can seamlessly optimize and simplify your business processes which will eventually allow you to reduce costs and improve collective efficiencies. Aliter just has the right inventory management system that will help one’s business to cope up with your customer’s impromptu needs and achieve great results in the new normal at reasonable costs.

High Tech

In todays’ fast paced world, the high-tech industry is under persistent pressure to deliver customized products and distinguished products. To be able to do this at a huge scale with high degree of efficiency, effective management of every aspect of the enterprise is very crucial. High-tech OEMs are constantly faced with the problem to make sense of the complex supply chain of assembly especially in the fast-moving electronics technology. The OEM must track be able to track different steps of revisions of device firmware and have a strong support aftermarket capability. To be able to support the electronic componentry manufacturing, it becomes essential for these companies to have a solid automated system that supports material management, high quality and efficient daily operations. To help smooth functioning of all the processes with negligible breakdowns and inefficiencies, Aliter’s automation solutions have helped high tech manufacturing units to achieve a certain level of automation and to improve control over product life cycles. While the newer business models need renewed skill sets and technology-based solutions, Aliter’s automation solutions equip the units to be more agile, robust and adjustable.


With configure-to-order manufacturing being today’s requirement due to fluctuating demand, the modern manufacturer needs to have the readiness to respond with agility without compromising on quality and time. The cycle that touches base with various stakeholders rotates with various challenges like complex supply chain, optimized inventory, quality output and controlling costs. Inefficiency and manual warehouse and shop floor processes lead to poor resource utilization and reduced margins as they are the key drivers of business. Aliter’s automation solutions enable the organization to achieve equipment lifecycle optimization and best-in-class enterprise asset management. It helps to manage entire the product life cycle with embedded regulatory, quality, and supply chain impact analysis which helps you in accurate demand planning, ensuring quality output, tracking delivery, and analysing overall cost. It provides valuable insights due to the detailed data available like work breakdown structures, scheduling, costing, detailed project pegging, and analytics. Thus, one system has the capabilities of achieving outright shop-floor automation and workforce management.

Life Sciences

Life sciences are an industry where innovation is at the pinnacle as R&D is continuously undertaken to enhance healthcare practices. Innovation is the roadmap to survive in the industry. Medical device manufacturers are aligning resources by forward and backward integration to accelerate innovation. They face tremendous competition, and to add to the complexities, rigid regulatory compliances, huge investments, and disrupted supply chains & technologies persist. All of these need a well-structured and developed digital atmosphere to thrive in. Aliter’s automation solutions can assist you in outgrowing the challenges and developing the conducive eco system needed to thrive. Our rich history of providing solutions to the medical device industry authenticates our offering. It is a comprehensive system that helps you achieve scalability and most importantly security in this cyber world. It supports sourcing & procuring raw material, forecasting, sales and inventory management and manufacturing performance management. Thus, giving a new impetus to the exponentially advancing life sciences industry.

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