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What is IIoT and how it can help your business?


Human beings were introduced to the internet decades ago, but it seems like only a few years ago that the world has been overtaken by the power of the internet and everything it does. From everyday usage, to business and industrial applications, the internet has a vast variety of operations.

Today, we focus on the usage of the internet for industrial needs and talk more about the Industrial Internet of Things!

Let’s take you through the basics.

What is IIoT?

Short for Industrial Internet of Things, these are large-scale IoT devices used for industrial purposes to make factories and businesses of today smarter and more accessible. IIoT features manufacturing machines, industrial equipment that assist in data management and optimization of it. IIoT solutions help one to connect devices to the internet, to each other and to people.

Applications and Advantages of IIoT

  • Industrial automation - One of the most common applications of IIoT devices are in industrial automation. With the help of software tools, large machinery can be interconnected and operated through these devices. This makes the manufacturing process much easier and efficient.
  • Robotics - Enhancing the ease of function and usability, IIoT’s application in robotics helps with smoother handling of manufacturing equipment, reduces manual errors, reduces cost of manual labour, and increases efficacy. With the IIoT, smart robots can be embedded with sensors that can be used to perform complex motions which aid the process. Furthermore, these movements are stored on cloud platforms so as to be assessed and performed repeatedly with perfection.
  • Maintenance - As you install smart sensors on equipments, maintenance of the machine becomes much simpler. Even in case of a slight malfunction, the sensor can be triggering the error message centrally and prompt actions can be taken. Users can even run checks, monitor, fix glitches and analyse systems with the help of this technology without having to be present there.
  • Safety gear - Similar to robotics, smart sensors can be installed in safety gear and machinery as well. These sensors will be able to warn even for the most minuscule of issue occurring on the machinery and alert the crew to manage it instantly. In fire hazards or workplace accidents, these safety gears will not only protect the wearer from undue harm but also monitor the health condition of the employees from time to time.
  • Logistics and travel - One of the industries that have largely improved with the help of IIoT is logistics. Many global retail giants are now using this technology to transport goods from location to location. With enabled smart sensor technology, goods can be delivered efficiently and safely within a given timeframe. This method proves to be less reliant on manual resources, reduce manual errors and handling and increase the speed. Similarly, the travel and tourism industry also benefits from this technology. Smart sensors that analyse, update, monitor and assess the functioning of aircrafts can be installed and the updates can be given to a centralized authority. In case of any malfunction, immediate alert can be announced throughout the system so as to prevent any damage.
  • Security and surveillance - Another great application of the IIoT technology is in the security and surveillance field. With adequate software and tools, important data can be protected by this technology. A secured cloud platform can be operated by the people in-charge and with the high-end secure gateways, the chance of breach is absolutely minimal.

We at Aliter strongly believe in making lives easier with latest technology whilst maintaining the ease of device usage in the long run. IIoT’s multi-functional application in the manufacturing industry Aliter to provide you with services that fulfil your efficiency needs and make the process much more simpler and safe for you.

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