Irrespective of the kind of business you are running, hardware will always play a very important role in the everyday functioning. Good quality and well-functioning hardware that supports the operational and technical needs of an organization can lead the way to seamless workability of the system as a whole. The staff also heavily relies on the smooth functioning of the network components, intel server, hard drives, processors and workstations to be able to do their job effectively and efficiently. While it might be tempting to put off purchasing hardware due to the cost or commitment factor, it can prove to build on an array of opportunity costs for the business in the long run. At Aliter we believe that hardware and software are both equally valuable, rather co dependant, in the smooth functioning of the company and in order to help mitigate the specified problems, we provide Hardware as a service to clients. Hardware as a service might seem something like renting to a layman but that is not necessarily true. In many cases, it might not involve taking the hardware home thus making it a rather service model. Instead of making it a onetime transaction, we maintain a continual relationship with the client which thus proves to be middle way out for business owners who do not wish to have their capital tied up. Our sister concern Pooja Trades helps maintain a continual relationship by meeting all your hardware needs by providing hardware as a service, whereas Aliter helps provide all the maintenance and support services.

Advantages of choosing us as your hardware partners are:

Lower upfront costs: the costs involved are on pay per use basis and have to be settled on a monthly or annual basis.

Structured option for smaller companies facing liquidity crunch.

No need for hardware upkeep and maintenance as the service provider would be responsible for the same.

Latest upgrades and technological updates are proactively provided by the service providers without asking for it.

Minimal risk and considerably lower investment.

Allow your organization to operate at full potential.

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