Evolve Automation Platform

ERP’s have been around for quite some time now. They have helped expedite several business processes. However, just like many other existing technologies, ERP systems also have certain gaps till date which results in organizations having to undertake certain processes manually. Keeping in mind all the above insights, Evolve automation platform was been developed and it has a wide spectrum of features which include the flexibility of choosing customizations based on your business needs. The highlight of this system is its ability to be integrated with your existing ERP facility. This results in savings of license costs using light-weight web applications. Evolve caters to each aspect of your business in the form of different modules.

Evolve Smart factory

Manufacturing remains a key sector in several economies. With the evolution in technology, it has seen exponential growth consequently impacting and giving birth to numerous following functions. Evolve’s smart factory is a highly digitalized and connected environment where machinery and equipment can improve processes through automation and self-optimization. With the manufacturing sector becoming highly populated and competitive, organizations need to upgrade to digital innovations to improve supply chain efficiencies to constantly retain their position at the helm. Evolve smart factory can be the mediator in doing that by weaving the shop floor to the top floor. It automates manual processes, creates a dynamic production environment by adding agility, improving quality, and reducing costs. This system enables transparency of raw materials issued, orders scheduled, the status of production, and worker output. This module is supported by two of Iot innovations Andon Light System, which once triggered, creates downtime timesheets, and Wifi based weight capturing machine which helps to capture the weight of finished/semi-finished goods during creation.

Evolve WMS

Warehouses are an important asset to any organization and act as an effective distribution & delivery mediator. Currently, most of the warehouses are facing challenges due to the lack of a system that syncs all the manual operations together. These challenges are inventory tracking, inaccurate purchase orders, handling damaged products, managing fluctuations in demand, handling impromptu customer expectations, and communication with operations and other teams. Evolve’s WMS helps you overcome these challenges by providing Order Management which enables uninterrupted visibility of inventory, orders, enhanced demand planning, and allocation of resources. It also equips your warehouse workers with the right tools and eliminates the need for written data. As a whole, it results in cost-saving throughout your supply chain by reducing shipping fines and unnecessary inventory write-offs. Along with the introduction of WMS, you can also automate and make your warehouse floor operations more efficient by the introduction of our Iot innovations - Pick to Light System which automates picking and allocation of materials.

Evolve Gate control

Even today, numerous factories and warehouses follow the process of manually keeping a track of visitors and material that comes in and goes out. This record is the most critical as it has direct repercussions on your business. It is crucial to be mindful of who/what is entering your factory and moving out. To minimize the manual intervention here, Evolve's gate control system provides tailor-made solution your organization needs to keep a strong track of all visitors & materials moving in and out of your premises. This software not only tracks all movement but also reduces the loss of material and unauthorized access. It also uses the approval system to create workflow for permitting and denying entry. Bluetooth/RIFD based asset management is one of our Iot innovations with which you can keep track of visitors and view the heatmap of places visited by them.

Evolve compliance

When you initiate the movement of goods from one place to another, an E-Way bill needs to be generated on the GST portal. So, e-invoicing is the submission of an already generated standard invoice on the GST portal. It automates multi-purpose reporting with a one-time input of invoice details. This e-invoice will be authenticated by GSTN, it enables real-time tracking, reduces errors, and automates the tax return filing process. Currently, in the absence of e-invoicing, there is a major gap in reconciliation under GST as there are several mismatch errors, errors in data entry, delay in availability of input tax credit, and several such discrepancies. Aliter’s E-invoicing solution can make the tax filing process seamless as it automatically fetches invoices in the .pdf format from ERP, parses data, and automatically uploads the same on Government’s portal. Additionally, it also has an inbuilt configuration of auto-signing, QR code stamping, and auto-emailing invoices to customers.


A business process that occurs monthly and revolves around the key supply chain stakeholders like sales, marketing, demand planners, production houses, and logistics. It is an essential process to ensure accurate forecasting of production and a healthy inventory fill ratio. However, there are two myths about this process, the first being that it doesn’t need much planning and the second being that it can be modeled effectively using spreadsheets. How effective and feasible is it to manually track all sales and operations in spreadsheets especially when the scale of operations becomes wide, business is operating in a dynamic market, and delving deep to the last granule of data becomes the need of the hour to immediately respond to sudden disruptions? A structured S&OP software helps you effectively analyze the effects of unexpected or planned events, enables you to formulate responses based on ‘what-if’ scenarios, and comparing them in real-time. It also helps you streamline several processes related to your trade partners and suppliers. It assists the leadership in taking well-informed decisions through a dynamic connection of plans and strategies across the business. It also helps in optimizing the supply chain and channeling resources in the right direction, towards achieving organizational goals and profitability.

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