The introduction of computers has completely revolutionized the game for industries all over. The competition has now become ferocious and the need to possess cutting edge technology is more important now than ever before. This complete paradigm shift has resulted in many companies bringing their A-game forward.They have shifted their focus to computers but merely doing so without a clear vision has not resulted in improved results. However, we have the solutions.

proudly brings to you ‘EVOLVE’,
constant evolution in the midst of this revolution.

EVOLVE is the brain child of Aliter born out of the world’s growing demands for flexible and highly customizable solutions to meet business outcomes. EVOLVE is our product which derives its name from the process of evolution itself, learning through its past experiences to achieve perfect results, day-in and day-out.

EVOLVE aims to bridge the gap between hardware and software to create an environment where the machines can communicate with each other and generate comprehensive analysis to help predict moves on each stage of the manufacturing process. It will be magical even if you know how it’s done.

It merges the manufacturing process with the vast knowledge of the Internet of Things (IOT) completely automating your legacy systems and creating the perfect smart factory. EVOLVE promises to make the existing products completely obsolete.

This powerful yet elegant software created with the tireless energy of our team has been built solely with the intention of providing a fantastic user experience because true genius lies in simplicity.

EVOLVE has been created with a goal of not only predicting the future but also inventing it. We are confident that EVOLVE will help you maximize your performance and grow along with you.

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Digital Plant offerings

It’s about exploiting the latest technologies to create a manufacturing plant that is reliable, robust, self-tending and optimized for its wider ecosystem.

What are the challenges for manufacturing companies related to the digital plant?

Achieving the bandwidth necessary for a mobility solution in an industrial plant can be a big hurdle. But once in place, it opens up a vast number of digital worker and digital plant use cases.

What are the opportunities for manufacturing companies related to the digital plant?

From more productive workers, higher performing assets, to optimized operations, there are numerous opportunities to increase performance, improve safety and efficiency, and lower costs.

How can Aliter help?

We can help clients integrate their full range of business systems, from the enterprise level right down to individual pieces of equipment – that’s essential for making the most of the Digital Plant.

Why select Aliter?

Aliter has offerings across the full stack of digital plant operations, from ERP systems at the top, right down to the systems that control equipment at the most granular level.

What are six questions Aliters’ Digital Plant answers?

  1. How well can you predict equipment failures? And how far ahead?
  2. How well can you measure your Operational efficiency?
  3. How well can you measure you breakdowns and how well can you respond to them?
  4. How well can you prevent misplaced parts to go to the customer?
  5. When is your next turnaround planned? How do you keep track of so many contractors on site?
  6. Is asset integrity a big problem for your business? How well can you predict (and prevent) asset failure?



Operational excellence through Digital Plant

What’s different in manufacturing plants today? There are four key trends that are drastically affecting the way our clients operate:

  1. The pace of innovation is accelerating. Clients are getting new insights from advanced analytics. And they’re able to tap new flows of information through supply chains, assets and operations.
  2. Routine tasks are moving to cognitive. Production is set to be revolutionized by technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics process automation.
  3. Mobility is increasing productivity and safety. Routine tasks – inspection rounds, monitoring, shift log handovers, etc. – are moving to glass, with huge implications for back-end systems and the need for contextualized data.
  4. Ecosystems are connecting producers, customers and suppliers. The number of players within manufacturing ecosystems is exploding, and big shifts are underway related to visibility up and down the supply chain.

These ideas all come together in the digital plant. And, from an Aliter standpoint, there’s a collection of core technologies – spanning mobility, cloud, analytics, all the way through to blockchain – that are set to impact plant operations in a big way.

Deep dive into digital operations

So, what do we mean by the digital manufacturing plant? We mean a plant that is self-aware. A plant that is contact sensitive. And a plant that can make the right decisions on its own. Something like a live plant growing in the wild – able to live and adapt to its natural environment with minimal human intervention. But, right now, most manufacturing plants are more like hothouse orchids: without perfect conditions and constant monitoring, they can’t survive.

Aliter is looking to help the manufacturing industry make that shift – to more robust, self-tending plants, optimized for their wider ecosystems. That’s about moving toward lower-risk, lower-cost automated operations. It’s about creating secure, connected systems. It’s about increasing reliability and reducing the opportunity for human error. And it’s about raising performance. The Digital Plant opens up so many game-changing possibilities for our clients.

The imperative to act

If you ask, ‘why now?’ there are two key responses:

  1. It can be done. Compute and storage costs are now trivial, allowing clients to exploit the huge quantities of data they’ve been collecting – or throwing away – for years. Sensors that see (open computer vision), smell (gas detection) and hear (machine hearing) really work. The analytics and data processing software, much of it open source, is ready to go.
  2. It should be done. The industry need to rethink how it attracts the best and the brightest – these are the technologies they want to work with. Automation can also revolutionize safety – a win/win for everybody. And, as ever more products become commoditized, clients will need to focus on competitiveness and cost optimization.

What services can we offer?

Aliter’s Digital Plantsolution Evolve™ helps our clients transform how they build, maintain, operate and optimize their plant. Aliter aligns its thinking around four key performance levers: workers, assets, operations and projects. You’ll likely find these subjects really resonate with manufacturing clients.

Worker performance. This is about empoweringworkers with the right information at the right time. It means first thinking about mobility and Wi-Fi connectivity in the plant – not easy in an industrialized context where devices must be intrinsically safe and spark-free. Then, the use cases expand exponentially – from tracking workers, accessing enterprise data or work orders in the field, or collaborating with experts. Ultimately, it’s about driving worker productivity and safety.

Asset performance. For assets, it’s about raising the bar for reliability – knowing how an asset is running, when it’s going to fail, and what to do to avoid failure. When a piece of equipment goes down unexpectedly, it can cost up to five times more to get it back up and running than a controlled repair made ahead of time. So, having the capacity to predict failure in advance is critical for improving asset uptime and lowering maintenance costs.

Operations performance. This is about coordinating and optimizing all the moving parts of the enterprise.Think of it as a layer cake – ERP at the top all the way down to the systems that control equipment at the most granular level. It’s about driving client performance across the full stack: lower costs, optimized assets, increased security, improved quality and yield, even regulatory compliance.

Project performance. This is about managing the full project lifecycle of capital builds, whether getting data from engineering and construction companies into clients’ systems, procuring materials, or making sure clients are operationally ready to take over an asset.

A revolution in turnarounds

Digital Plant platform Evolve™ is a product from Aliter which connects the entire operating asset vertically from shop floor to boardroom door and horizontally across the value chain from molecule to consumer, enabling 1-5% in revenue uplift and 2-6% in margin uplift

Our Digital Plant solutions provide predictive, real-time visibility into operational performance, potential risks, and recommended actions, resulting in 10-20% reduced maintenance costs and reduced off-spec product.

In turn, companies can optimize their responses and create opportunities for margin improvements, greater reliability and safer operations

Aliter pragmatic solutions helped clientsto measure performance, control machinery and breakdowns from remote locations. That’s the foundation for a huge leap forward in key metrics: time-on-tools, performance.

Digital operations

Finally, here’s a flavor of what we’ve been doing in digital operations under Evolve™:

  1. Plant Dashboard: View performance from to plant floor across all areas of plant
  2. Advanced Analytics: In-sights for Overall Equipment and People Efficiency
  3. Active Plant: A digital representation of the plant combining real-time data and analytics. Integrated Alerts for Breakdowns
  4. Digital Worker: Utilize automated workflow driven mobile solutions such as certified tablets, smart phones, and Industrial glasses with augmented and virtual reality to overlay real time operational data, work history, asset conditions for operations and maintenance workers.
  5. Warehousing, MES and Pick-to-Light Systems: We developed Pick to light systems, Global Manufacturing Execution Systems for a global automotive Company, allowing them to assess Operational efficiency, Product traceability, performance and adjust operating parameters in real time with customized, role-based dashboards, accessed across the site on wireless devices.
  6. Evolve Project Management: Capital Project management with flavor of Project management linked to actual Fixed Asset in the Plant.
  7. Evolve Incident manager: IT systems, Manufacturing systems, IOT devices linked to incident management tools to monitor, track, build ERP like incident manager and solutions for manufacturing systems.
  8. Evolve Innovator: A game based employee retention and Ideation awarding product.