Enterprise Resource Planning as daunting and tedious it sounds is simply put a weapon in your companies’ hand to boost its existing systems and achieve its business goals and outcomes.ERP is known for being a computer system however we at Aliter beg to differ we believe it is a people system made possible by bridging the gap between hardware and software.

ERP integrates the various factions of your company like planning, inventory, finance,  human resources, marketing to name a few and brings it right under one roof for not only easy but also smart access.

Steve Jobs once famously said,” Creativity is in connecting things.” We pride ourselves on possessing this creativity. Traditionally, each department would have its own system optimised for the divisions’ specific tasks, with ERP it still has a system but these systems are now connected and empowered to talk and communicate with each other generating concise data accessible across the entire enterprise.

While big industrial houses have realised that ERP’s are a must have a common perception that SME’s have is that ERP’s are only for the business giants, this however is a myth. Nevertheless this myth needs to be busted. Our ERP services grow with you and provide robust solutions to fulfill your business requirements aiding you to stay ahead of the curve.

Enterprises yet apprehensive about ERP due to their fears of a wrong strategy or poor implementation, this is where Aliter storms into the picture sit back and reap the ERP benefits while we annihilate the issues and worries for you.

Key factors of Aliters ERP services


  • Right Information : Obtain the right information at the right time enabling you to  take sound business decisions
  • Knowledge:  Know what is going on and where it is going on through the entire enterprise
  • Clear communication: maintain transparency with easy communication