Andon Warning System

A huge sum of amount is invested in setting up the plant, buying machinery and placing resources. It becomes critical to ensure that this facility yields the maximum and quality output after pledging all these investments. The biggest challenge usually faced here is the machine downtime that any factory would like to avoid as any machine laying idle results in a waste of resources. To avoid this, Aliter brings to you Andon Warning System. The Andon warning system comes with a tower light and 4 buttons each representing issues in Quality, Logistics, Production and Maintenance respectively. So, when the worker faces any issue, he simply presses the buzzer pertaining to the concerned department. This sends a notification on mobile to the concerned person in that department who then reaches out to the worker to resolve the issue.

Once the issue is resolved, the worker will switch off the buzzer which will automatically create a downtime timesheet in the labor feedback in evolve smart factory. Thus, the Andon system will reflect the status of the issue and the downtime and all this will be real-time data being reflected in the system. So irrespective of where the factory is located, management can view real time from any part of the world and thus know the status of the factory activities.

Directly pin points the specific area of production house.

Straightway alerts the concerned authorities.

Exponentially reduces the time and effort required for resolving the issue.

Generates breakdown reports as per user convenience.

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