About Us

Aliter Business Solutions has seen immense growth from its inception in the year back in 2017 to date when it has become a trusted name in the automation industry. We help businesses by providing them simple and effective solutions that help make their processing more efficient and competent. Our team of highly motivated experts have helped customers belonging to a plethora of different verticals by delivering innovative and customised solutions to suit their business models.

Our company which started as a small business with 4 people working together in a Mumbai based home office has now expanded into a multi-layered team of over 50 employees in multiple offices around the country. In a span of 3 years, we have managed to branch out to other cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune and plan to expand this horizon to other cities in the coming future. With more than 100 happy clients across the globe, we at Aliter Solutions strive every day to provide transcending IT solutions that are innovative, unconventional and forward looking with the grit that it will take your business to the highest level of efficiency.

Aliter staunchly believes in the outcome-based delivery model which essentially means we sell expected business outcomes and not just the product. The outcome-based delivery model hinges on the fact that the services will be provided till the customer reaches the promised success and optimization. This structured shift educates the customers about what they can achieve out of engaging with our organization and assures them attainable and measurable improvements.

Aliter has invariably adopted newer technologies to improve the quality of automation as well enrich the customer experience through outcome-based delivery model. By understanding the customers’ desired metrics, we work on giving them the best feedbacks and consult with them to bring higher level of coherence and efficiency in their existing systems.

Benefits of Outcome Based Delivery Model

  • Invested in results rather than technology

  • No hidden expenses

  • Reduced risk

  • Wider horizon to perceive challenges

Dec 2017

Established in a home office with a team of 3.

Dec 2018

Moving into first office space with a team of 14.
Launch of Evolve Automation platform.

Sept 2019

Moving into a bigger office space with a team of 30.
Launch of first IoT innitiative.

Dec 2019

Expanding horizon with Ahmedabad office inaugration.

Our Clients